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The Benefits of Reiki

Healing energy is multi-dimensional and intelligent - it can cut through time and distance so it is excellent for healing physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues, past and present.  Reiki can:

boost your immune system

relieve depression, sorrow and rage

accelerate the body’s self-healing and detox

reduce blood pressure

relieve heartache situations, loss and grief  

relieve pain   

raise the vibrational frequency of the body   

help spiritual growth and emotional clearing   

create deep relaxation and sleep  

realign our energy power centres and

remove energy blockages  

balance emotions and hormones  

open up opportunities

help in conjunction with allopathic medicine

(chemotherapy , post-surgery, etc)

increase vitality

reawaken your connection to the Universe  

make your heart smile

postpone the ageing process  

Reiki - what's it all about?

Reiki is powerful but subtle Universal energy, channelled through a healer's hands to a recipient. It works on people, animals, plants, places and situations.  It can be used alongside allopathic medicine and other natural therapies.  Reiki aligns and balances energies to the frequency of the universe - that's how it heals.

You can become a Reiki Healer after you have learned and been attuned at Reiki I level.  At Reiki II level, you are allowed to practise giving Reiki as a business.  And Reiki III enables you to teach Reiki. 

Everyone can do this – we are all natural healers.  Training helps you to focus your thoughts, attune your chakras to receiving and giving healing energy and teaches how Dr. Mikao Usui started.

Our Reiki training is unique because it includes explanations of how Reiki works scientifically.  We cover other important issues such as how to protect and contain your own energy, auras and chakras, meditation, group focused intent and healing, and holistic living.

Once attuned, you can Reiki plants, animals and people.   Reiki doesn’t wear the healer out – it replenishes their own life force and they feel invigorated.  Different from standard spiritual healing, Reiki rushes through your body and radiates out of the hands to the recipient – you do not use your own energy to heal.

Reiki helps people feel at ease with their environment, the universe and themselves.  It creates harmonious people who want to expand their sense of creativity and expression, zest for life and radiant health.  It also helps global consciousness!

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Reiki and Sport/Athletes

I was recently interviewed for Sports Coaching UK's magazine, "Coaching Edge" on how Reiki can help in sport.  Here is an excerpt:

"Sport is as much about managing thoughts and emotions as it is mastering skills. Fear of failure, under-performing and not being good enough get in the way of playing to the best of your ability and enjoying the game. Reiki can help players overcome mental and emotional barriers to performance and well-being.

If you’re too much in your head – over-thinking, analysing, worrying, stressing – you won’t be focused enough, on what you’re actually doing. If you’re over-thinking, there’s not enough focus, where you need it, elsewhere in your body, on your feet, legs, hands, arms. Or, for that matter, on the ball, the situation or the opponent.

Reiki helps balance the body’s energy. You need balance to be fully co-ordinated, to be able to operate at your best. Reiki also provides great stress relief, helps you relax if you’re exhausted physically, mentally and emotionally. After a session, you feel more positive, particularly if you’ve been doubting yourself, if you’re anxious about your place in the team, or worried, after returning from injury, that the injury will flare up again, if you push yourself too hard"

Everything is Energy

Quantum physics tell us that energy exists everywhere, in every aspect of us and everything in our environment.  Even inanimate objects contain energy.  Matter itself is simply slowed-down energy.

In Eastern medicine, the belief is that life force energy passes through subtle pathways or meridians in the human body. When these pathways are blocked by stress, diet, environment, or toxins, the flow of energy can be blocked and illness can result.   Western medicine does not acknowledge the existence of the aura so cannot understand that if the aura has holes or is leaking energy, it can affect the physical body.   Reiki primarily a self-healing tool which can balance the stream of energy coming into the aura and keep it healthy. 

Most complementary therapies seek to help the body and mind to re-balance and cleanse these inner energies, permitting the body to heal itself.

When an individual receives a Reiki initiation, Universal Life Energy is added to one's innate personal life energy. The individual's personal life energy, or Ki, is amplified and enhanced and there is an open and a direct link to a universal source of Ki. 

The energy brings alignment and harmony to the body system, which then permits the body to heal itself from within.  

Would you like to learn Reiki in your own home? Contact me.....07598918453

Reiki for Sport News

** See Health Benefits page for my comments to "Coaching Edge" magazine!**

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