Divine Reiki Training

Empowering you to Empower others...

Reiki I - 1 day £110.00 


First Degree Reiki comprises:

the history of Reiki; 

what universal energy can do; 

  • how it affects our own energy centres (chakras);

  • how to perform healings;

  • self-healing;

  • hand positions;

  • anatomy;

  • other useful Reiki techniques like scanning, balancing and grounding


Everyone can learn Reiki - it is fun and there's no arduous studying to do.   We can arrange to train you in your own home if you have 2 or more friends/family who wish to train too.   

Once you know how to channel universal energy, you can never lose it.  It can make a wonderful difference to the health of your loved ones, pets, plants and your own living environment. 


Students receive one Attunement to open their chakras, enabling the energy to flow through their hands 

Dress is casual and all you need to bring is a packed lunch

Refreshments, Reiki Manual &

Certificate will be provided. 

Becoming attuned to Reiki doesn't require a change in lifestyle or belief system but after initiation, People naturally begin to make changes that will bring more harmony into your life.  



 PLEASE CALL JULIE ON 07598 918453 or

EMAIL juliefenn@hotmail.co.uk.

to book your Reiki training

Would you like to learn Reiki in your own home? Contact me.....07598918453

Reiki for Sport News

** See Health Benefits page for my comments to "Coaching Edge" magazine!**

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