Divine Reiki Training

Empowering you to Empower others...

Reiki II Course Outline Duration: 1 Day - £150.00 

The Second Degree is known as Practitioner Level and is for anyone wanting to practice Reiki as a business. It will take you to a deeper level of consciousness and oneness with universal energy. 

During the one-day Reiki Second Degree course, you will learn:                                

•  How to use Three Reiki Symbols: the power symbol, the mental/emotional symbol and the distant healing symbol
•  How to heal the past, present and future with the distant healing symbol
•    How to send a  Reiki treatment distantly  
•    Aura Reiki
• Running a Reiki business – ethics, insurance and responsibilities

•   Keeping client records and confidentiality   


You will also receive the Reiki Level II Attunement, which will deepen your healing and spiritual development.    

The course includes a full Reiki II Manual and Certificate.